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BYOR, Build Your Own Robot by Ryan Oelkers

The Time Is Right

The field of hobby robotics is more exciting today than ever before. The day when you will have a humanoid, walking, talking robot in your home that will do your cooking and cleaning looms ever closer. Short of having a real robotic maid or butler, there are many other options that can be built today on just about any budget. If you really want to enjoy a fun, reasonably priced hobby, you should try to build your own robots. There are many reasons why it makes sense create a robot from scratch rather than buying pre-made ones.


The technology that exists today staggers the mind in not only how advanced it has become, but also in how

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Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Unfortunately, most everyone has experienced the frustration of cleaning your carpets and the vacuum cleaner stops running or it streaks a black line across your carpets. Usually you can tell something is wrong due to the higher pitched humming of the vacuum cleaner motor.

How do you know which part to fix, though, and how do you go about replacing the vacuum cleaners parts? That is the focus of this hub is to describe the different parts of the vacuum cleaner, what they do, and how to tell which part to fix.

While each vacuum cleaner manufacturer has different sized parts for their brand compared to other brands and even for different models within their own brand, for the